Find out exactly where your shoes came from and who made them with just a click of a button.

We set out with a goal to make a lasting difference in the world of fashion.

We recognize that fashion has become an unsustainable industry, with notable brands choosing to produce products that are here today but in a landfill tomorrow. We think that’s wrong.

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Retraced is an ethical platform that gives us important information about all the suppliers in our manufacturing network. It allows us to determine where and how materials are sourced, the environmental impact of every point in the supply chain, and ultimately all the data needed to make decisions that meet our ethical and environmental standards.

We never set out to be just another brand. We set out to build a new standard and positively contribute to our planet and its future. Retraced is a company that helps us do just that.

Video: How to Retrace every shoe

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Create the global ecosystem driving sustainable change in the fashion industry by enabling transparent cross-company collaboration.


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