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Grounded People Apparel Launches Industry Disrupting Five-Year Warranty Backed Sao Paulo Sneaker Collection

by Max Justus 20 Jan 2023

Grounded People Apparel Inc. will launch its Sao Paulo unisex shoe collection on March 17, 2023. To coincide with the launch of the collection, the company will also implement an industry-disrupting five-year warranty program, guaranteeing the integrity of Grounded People footwear products against manufacturer defects and providing customers with a commitment to replace their shoes should any defects result.

The launch of the collection and the introduction of the warranty program marks the brand's first year in business and comes on the heels of the company's Jan. 13, 2023, announcement of a $2.5-million cash investment in the brand, led by Vancouver-based Right Season Investments.

In the winter of 2021, Grounded People initiated an extensive prelaunch of its prototype ethical shoes and received acclaim from well know publications such as Marie Claire, Forbes and Rolling Stone, to name a few. One publication rated Grounded People shoes as "One of The 13 Best Sustainable Shoe Brands of 2022" and another confirmed that "Grounded really is walking their talk" and yet another complimented the company's shoes, stating "they are incredibly comfy" and "super stylish."

Following a year of prelaunch sales and consumer feedback, the company has transformed feedback received into product adjustments that have resulted in a quality guaranteed collection the company is confident in and is backing with an industry-disrupting five-year warranty program.

The Sao Paulo unisex shoe collection will range in price from $219 (U.S.) to $229 (U.S.), will be available in black and khaki, and feature extra-durable outsoles made from used car tires (black) or volcanized natural rubber (khaki) to provide improved comfort and traction, all-metal D hooks to provide reliability when consumers go to lace up, and 100-per-cent-recycled cotton, increasing the company's preservation of valuable natural resources.

The collection, named in recognition of Sao Paulo, Brazil, the state in which the shoes are produced, was specifically designed to break barriers in the sustainable fashion industry with the introduction of a shoe that allows consumers to live a more environmentally conscious lifestyle without having to sacrifice comfort or style. Like all Grounded People products, each shoe making up the collection is made with recycled materials and a portion of each sale will be donated to one of the company's globally partnered charities through its LACES program (learn to achieve and create everlasting sustainability).

Customers are able to reserve their Sao Paulo collection shoes on the company's website.

The new five-year warranty program exemplifies the company's commitment to its consumers and complements the integrity of the products it produces. The program also goes the distance in fostering long-lasting relationships with customers and ensures customers get the most out of their shoes with complete peace of mind. Grounded People knows that the provision of warranty-backed products is key to customer retention can bolster customer referrals and will help broaden the company's consumer-base and brand.

"The feedback we have received from our customers has been paramount in the evolution of the Sao Paulo collection," stated Maximilian Justus, the chief executive officer and co-founder of Grounded People. "We believe that the integration and transformation of their feedback has resulted in the best ethical shoe product available on the market. We are so confident in our product that we commit ourselves to providing customers with a five-year product guarantee against any manufacturer defects. This guarantee is unheard of in the apparel industry, especially the shoe market. It is our testament to customers that the Grounded People brand is synonymous with quality, style and long-lasting relationships. This is the only shoe you'll ever need."

About Grounded People Apparel Inc.

Grounded People Apparel is a Vancouver-based innovative apparel company focused on delivering high-quality products to its customers that are ethical and 100-per-cent-Peta-approved vegan and backed by an industry-disrupting five-year warranty program. The company is primarily engaged in the business of fair trade, sustainable and Earth-conscious fashion. The company's high-top and low-cut canvas sneakers, which are made from sustainable, ethically sourced and recycled materials, are manufactured by fair-trade artisans, in a 100-per-cent-vegan manufacturing facility located in Brazil. All of Grounded People's products are available for purchase on-line.

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